Amazon Will Create Its Own Private Health Services Company

Amazon Will Create Its Own Private Health Services Company


The health situation in the US is one of the great controversies by which the country has been struggling with itself for generations.

It is not only a social problem, but it is also an economic problem since spending on health accounts for 18% of the US economy.And now, the market is going to receive a giant that can change things.any illness or accident could leave you in ruins.

The current situation, with the plan known as “Obamacare,” has been criticized as “unsustainable”; but at the same time, the proposal of the Republicans has been painted as a complete abandonment of the most vulnerable citizens. And in the midst of all this, the big winners are the insurance and health companies; If you do not have medical insurance,

Amazon’s Health Services Company Will Be Real

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan today announced a collaboration to offer health services in the US.

The three companies are among the most important in the current US economy, and their goal is clear: to offer a health service that is more transparent and at a lower cost. In fact, they come to promise that the new company, which will be independent, will not focus on obtaining economic benefits, and therefore will not suffer the incentives and limitations that entails.

It is an apparent reference to the situation of the sector, criticized for putting the economic benefits before the care of patients.

This does not mean that Amazon is going to start opening private clinics. The new company will focus solely on offering health services to employees of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan.

Jeff Bezos, CEO, and founder of Amazon says that it will be hard, but that it will be worthwhile to improve the situation of workers and their families while reducing the burden of health in the national economy.

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