4 Home Remedies For Heartburn

Home Remedies For Heartburn

Preventing and eliminating from heartburn will help you more healthy than ever. Learn the secrets said here.

The heartburn, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) often cause fatigue for many people, the majority of them are the paperworkers due to the poor diet.

The heartburn would occur when the muscles at the bottom of the esophagus are not closed tightly causing the contents inside the stomach reflux up to the esophagus and causing an irritation. In the esophagus. The heartburn occurs repeatedly may lead to changes in the tissues of  the esophagus, a precursor of an esophageal cancer.

As consequence of which, preventing, eliminating from the heartburn is critically important. Get to know the home remedies for heartburn hereinafter to remove those symptoms.

1. Pay attention to food

For those people suffering from the heartburn are mostly originated from the foods they have eaten. Spicy foods, fried foods and carbonated beverages are foods commonly causing the heartburn because it makes you get flatulence, indigestion. These remedies for heartburn are easy to apply at home, but you can lose a lot of time and effort. In order to prevent the heartburn, you had better eat more fruits and vegetables. Dairy foods including milk, cakes, and yogurt are also good foods but not causing the heartburn.

In addition to eat healthy foods, you should also cut daily rations. Eating the smaller rations will help prevent the reflux. It will be better if you should divide them into 5-6 smaller meals / per day. This will also help improve weight, because the obeses often have more the heartburn, reflux than those who are not overweight.

2. Sitting up or propping your pillow when the reflux occurs

The heartburn is more likely to attack you at night when you are going to sleep. Where you ever experienced episodes of discomfort reflux at night, then remember this little tip to deal with the reflux episodes when them reappeared: When the reflux occurs, you should place a few pillows behind head and neck, then lean on them. When you are in a sitting position the stomach acid will have little chances come up your throat.

You should avoid eating too much before going to bed and prop your pillows from 15-18cm high up while sleeping is also a way for you to avoid the reflux. This posture can help release the stomach acids quickly so that limit the reflux, heartburn. These remedies for heartburn are seemed easy to do but rapidly effective.

3. Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety are usually two stuffs that contribute to cause the severe heartburn. The stomach produces more acid when you are stressed, which would lead to the overflow of acid in the esophagus, causing the heartburn. If you can relax and reduce anxiety, then the frequency of heartburn will automatically decrease.

4. Use acid antagonists

If the foregoing home remedies for heartburn do not alleviate the condition of the esophagus heartburn, your doctor will prescribe for you to reduce the amount of acid in the stomach.  To treat the heartburn or gastroesophageal – esophagitis reflux, the classes of drugs commonly used are a number of compounded drugs, in which are mostly anti-secretion against acid (anti-acid).

Antacids comprise many different types, but there is a same effect of limiting the excessive acid secretion in the stomach, thereby reducing the heartburn. However, to know which type that best fits you, you should go to your doctor to have an appropriate prescribe.

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