How to cure heartburn at night?


If you are suffering from the heartburn, you want to keep the acid not refluxed, these following tips will show you how to cure heartburn at night.

Hereinafter are top advices to help reduce the heartburn at night.

1. Having earlier dinners

Where you go to sleep with a full stomach will increase the risk of heartburn at night. The foods in the stomach increase the pressure on the valves at the top of stomach – these valves may be useful in preventing stomach acid leaking out of the esophagus. Therefore, should you do eat before going to bed at least 2 hours. Eat early and avoid suffers.

2. Skip the chocolate in desserts and coffee

Both of such foods will cause the heartburn at night to some people. Classes of foods need skipping at dinner are citrus, onions, carbonated drinks, and fatty spicy foods.

3. No exercise before bedtime

Exercise can cause the heartburn. Therefore you should avoid strenuous physical activities such as riding bike on the spot or other before bedtime. Walking gently helps to relax and digest foods would be better for healthy but not sure in preventing the heartburn.

4. Do not eat too much at dinner

Eating too full is a common cause of the disease. So how to cure heartburn at night? It is better to eat small meals, limit diets. Do not eat until your stomach is full. This is not only good for the heartburn but also help to keep weight.

5. Keep track of signs of danger

If you experience the heartburn more than twice a week, let’s talk to your doctor. The repetitive heartburn can often be a sign of GERD, can cause injury to the esophageal. Other dangerous symptoms such as heart attack, chest tightness… Let’s seek for help from doctor immediately.

6. Say no to alcohol, beer at dinner

Any type of alcohol can also cause the heartburn. If you have a high risk of the heartburn, let’s avoid all types of beers, alcohol drinks after dinner.

7. Controlling your weight

Both overweight and obesity increase the risk of the heartburn. Reason is that overweight increases the pressure on the top of the stomach valve. Losing weight is not easy though, but it’s really good for your stomach and your sleep.

8. Quit smoking

Smoking is the main cause of many diseases, including the heartburn. Cigarette smoke can undermine the valves of esophagus and stomach. If you are in this trouble, you are wondering how to cure heartburn at night in the simpliest way, just quit smoking.

9. Beware of after-dinner peppermints

A peppermint candy after dinner can help you feel relaxed. But many people begin to contract the heartburn after eating mints. Studies show that peppermints may elasticate valves at the top of the stomach and esophagus which can cause foods backflow into the esophagus. For safety, just avoid using peppermints after-dinner.

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