How Long Does Heartburn Last?


How Long Does Heartburn Last Occasional Heartburn

 While heartburn can create an extreme discomfort, occasional heartburn is generally not a reason for worry. Many people experience such heartburn after a big meal, frequently they have had fried foods or those are high in fat. In such circumstances, avoid lying down and take an over-the-counter heartburn treatment, typically an antacid, to relieve symptoms. You should experience relief shoftly, normally within 20 minutes or so of taking drugs. If you find these symptoms are occurring often, a visit to a doctor is most likely in order.

How Long Does Heartburn Last during Pregnancy

 There are 2 factors that increase the chance of heartburn during pregnancy: increased hormone levels and heightened pressure from the fetus in the entire gastro-intestinal system. Together, these can cause regular and severe heartburn, resulting in daily battles with heartburn pain. Right after this type of heartburn begins, it is likely to last during the course of the pregnancy, perhaps increasing in both frequency and severity as the due date approaches. To reduce discomfort, avoid eating acidic foods and tomato-based products. Furthermore, eat small, regular meals instead of 3 big ones. Antacids are generally safe to use during pregnancy, so this can help when acid reflux appears. Do not lie down after eating. Fortunately, this type of heartburn is mostly transitory and will disappear on its own soon after shipping.

How Long Does Heartburn Last In case your symptoms of heartburn have developed to a diagnos

is of acid reflux disease, you may never be totally free of symptoms. Unfortunately, you will probably suffer symptoms on a reasonably regular basis. There are prescription drugs available on the market to assist with acid reflux along with a visit to your doctor can help you choose the best plan of action.

How Long Does Heartburn Last in GERD

As in acid reflux disease, GERD will provide on-going problems to its sufferers. The most effective plan of action is to speak to your doctor to find out about all your choices. GERD is a much more serious diagnosis which will probably warrant the use of stronger medications to restrain its symptoms. Though antacids often work in order to neutralize stomach acid and provide mitigation of heartburn symptoms, they are not typically recommended in cases of GERD. Options will should be found or provided by your doctor.

How Long Does Heartburn Last?
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