PC Healthboost Review What’s So Cool About It?


PC Healthboost Review

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There is a large range of optimization software application’s in the market, among them being PC healthboost. In this testimonial, the features of the program as well as its pros and cons are elaborated in depth. This should offer a good basis for choosing whether PC healthboost deserves downloading or not.


PC Healthboost like lots of other system optimizing programs supplies a wide range of tweaking tools that conduct numerous optimizations to the computer which range from computer system registry fixes to start up optimizations. The unique truth about the program m is that it is simple to set up and does not need the user to have technical understanding in infotech.

The user interface is rather interactive and easy to browse with the different features and functions quickly accessible on its dashboard. The offered options on the user interface are plainly label to allow a user to comprehend exactly what each individual function is for and it provides a graphical representation of the continuous procedure.

Product information and functions

PC healthboost allow a user to scan and set system problems ranging in eight different classifications. Each classification is created to perform in depth system scans that reveal even the slightest of errors. Below are elaborated descriptions of its most effective tools.

The optimizer has a registry cleaner which scans the registry for errors, outdated secrets and busted program paths. As soon as the errors have actually been detected, the program supplies a list and an individual description of each mistake found so that a user is completely familiar with what the problems are. At this point, you can opt to repair the computer registry by cleaning out the mistakes. However, Pc Healthboost comes with scan safe technology that enables the program to back up your computer system registry before fixing it. The program likewise includes windows registry defragmenting which removes unused registry entries making the system rum smoother and quicker.

The programs includes program uninstall and disabling. This function makes it possible for the user to uninstall any undesirable program that might be not of usage to the user. It guarantees full uninstallation including pc registry entries of the eliminated program. The program-disabling function enables a user to disable programs that might be running in the background and are not of importance. Such programs overload the system and in turn cause it to delay. This enables the liberating of random access memory that in turn speeds up the system.

The feature can likewise be used to portray the programs that ought to and must not run during start-up. By minimizing the variety of start-up programs, the computer launches in less time hence proving the optimization capabilities of PC Healthboost.

The last crucial feature is the automatic scan. This function allows you to set up PC Healthboost to carry out automatic upkeep and optimization on a regular basis. This feature is set to run on a time interval, which could be in days or weeks. This supplies round the clock optimization without the need to manually optimize your computer system.


PC Healthboost warranties continuous system maintenance and optimization tweaks even when you do not activate them by means of automatic scan feature. This ensures that your computer is efficiently running at perpetuities. It likewise makes sure that even when you forget to run PC healthboost, your computer system will be optimized thoroughly and you will certainly never experience system delays or clashes once again.

The interface is easy to make use of upon setup and offers descriptions of every mistake found. This makes sure that when dealing with registry optimizations nothing of value can be deleted without the users’ authorization. In case the latter happens by mistake, the windows registry backup can bring back any erased entries that might have been incorrectly deleted.

Unlike other optimizers that tend to enhance particular running systems, the program is safe to your system and is compatible with various running systems varying from windows, Mac and Linux. This useful in the sense that even if you change the os of your computer you can still utilize the same product for your optimization requires.

The program boosts system speed and removes an excellent number of system errors that can lead to your system crashing or delaying. The computer registry fixes enable programs to run more smoothly and much faster when turned on. The disabling of programs permits more RAM to be accessible for other operations therefore improving the computer systems performance.

PC Healthboost is esy to upgrade. This makes it possible for the various features to be modified through updates to ensure that they run their designated function properly. This likewise makes sure that the program is always approximately date with the different updates made to the operating system, which makes it more effective.


Very few downsides can be offered PC Healthboost, nevertheless there a few worth pointing out.

One is that the program is not suitable with the latest variation of windows, which is windows 8. This makes it a disclaimer as many individuals are advancing from windows 7 to 8.

Another downside is that PC Healthboost updates take quite a while to download and set up. This makes one to await a good number of minutes before they can run the program.

It has actually likewise been reported by numerous users that the program is not as effective as the developers state it is. In one case a user runs the optimization and no mistakes were detected and upon scanning the computer once again with another optimizer, errors were identified.

Compared to other optimizers, PC Healthboost does not have some features such as privacy sweeps and vulnerability fix, which are necessary for system security protection.


In conclusion, PC Healthboost is a fantastic optimizer as it has the ability to identify the slightest of mistakes in the pc registry and it supplies excellent system optimization for programs. On the disadvantage, it is fairly at a downside to a few other system optimizers but in basic, it can do an excellent job in optimizing a computer system. Thus, if your computer system has windows registry, launch and delayed problems, a great tip to your issues would be PC Healthboost which has actually been proved to be extremely effective.


PC Healthboost Review What’s So Cool About It?
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