Timeless You Review What’s So Cool About It?


Timeless You Review

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With his ever growing fan-base and collection of very popular books, Deepak Chopra has been often referred to as a new-age expert. Heavy concentrate on the mind-body relationship and a holistic-health technique, typically by amalgamating the benefits of conventional western medicine with Ayurveda has actually brought him lots of distinctions from people taking advantage of his method.
With ‘Classic You’ Deepak targets the age-old myths surrounding aging. All over around us we see items, posts, blog sites, advertisements about anti-aging, everyone spending billions in the market to a promising battle against aging. But, Deepak challenges our pursuit of accomplishing timelessness by means of external sources, he offers the answer to all this by questioning the power of an internal discovery.

Timeless You details

Deepak initially started with 10 different courses but condensed them into 6. The course is structured in such a way that it is covered in a period of 6 weeks with interactive assisted activities, videos, tests and one to one interaction with Deepak himself.

The course is divided into six parts each dealing with a different concern which ultimately leads to a holistic understanding of aging and methods to reverse the aging procedure itself:

Course 1- Altering Perceptions

The method we see the world makes all the difference and Deepak strikes the nail with this course. When you change the way you see aging and ecological aspects, often we tax our subconscious with ideas of things we can not control, but our thoughts are basically under our control, controling them can enable you to change the method you evaluate any situation.

Course 2- A Vibrant Mind

This course concentrates on methods to harness the sharpness, imagination and versatility of your mind. Value of sleep and making use of different mind-body techniques like meditation and Yoga are provided focus during the duration of the course. Discovering how to focus on the process instead of the result is the secret.

Course 3- Healthy Relationships

Relationships are key to cultivating love and interaction. When relationships are based on compassion and compassion, your biology responds by releasing a flood of feel great hormones which ultimately assists you fight the aging procedure.

Course 4- The Mind-Body Connection

Lowering anxiety and causing great sleep as a part of a much healthier lifestyle is focused in this course. Practicing aware breathing(Also called Pranayama) can decrease anxiety levels and help you reach a deeper level of enlightenment at a really inner level.

Course 5- Conscious Eating

This is a really vital part and concentrates on the olden trend of diets and counting your calories. Deepak believes that how you eat is more vital than exactly what and just how much you consume. Consuming all the essential macronutrients in appropriate percentages followed by supplementing the diet plan with essential vitamins and micronutrients from fruits, vegetables and nuts. Sedentary lifestyle coupled with increasing consumption of junk food is primary reason for damage to your body, and following a well balanced meal strategy will ultimately keep your body revitalized and young.

Course 6- Cheerful Workout

The problem with individuals is that they see workout as a task and not as a cheerful activity. Staying with a physical fitness routine that offers you maximum satisfaction and winds up as something that you look forward to is what everyone must aim for. Enjoyable workouts and daily activities will certainly end up being a dependency if viewed as fun ultimately.

To sum up the Classic You is well packaged and concise, each course is in turn divided into 5-6 sections of 20-25 minutes each and includes:

  • 18 unique exercises
  • A37 exclusive videos
  • 60 day assurance
  • The whole course charge is reasonably low-cost, charging an amount of 79.99$.


The experience is self-paced and you do not hurry through the various exercises and videos.
Stay healthy by following course 5/6. Consuming a healthy diet and working out is the cornerstone of any medical therapy be it for diabetics, heart patients or cancer patients. If you master these 2 factors then you will prevent the disease itself, which is much better than curing the signs.
Reverse your biological age: Unlike the chronological age which keeps on ticking from the day you were born, your biological state is agent of the quantity of mental and fitness you are in. By presenting small lifestyle changes, you can reverse your biological age by 10-15 years. Mr. Deepak himself is statement to the power such a lifestyle, 67 year old, he is healthy and does not need any external medication.
Keep you energy levels and vigor high by altering the way you consider yourself, beginning with a favorable outlook to the environment.


The Timeless You courses are short, with videos lasting just a few 15-20 minutes and hence do not have the depth that each subject might need.

The courses tend to be monotonous in time and seem to be talking about the exact same principle over and over. You will have to engage yourself to notice the distinctions.
Researchers often criticize the methodologies proclaimed by Dr. Deepak by providing false hopes to customers from proper medical treatment.


For a charge of 79.99$ and even less at specific other portals, Ageless You deserves your cash and time. A great deal of us spend a great deal of time considering aging and how we do not have any control over it. The beautiful method in which the course is designed, interactive sessions with a lot of informative guidance and engaging activities need to not be missed if you believe in self-growth.

The course is simple to access and has plainly defined course structure. You do not need to see them in any order, the flexibility of the courses and simpleness in explanation of the message by fun suggests like quizzes and interactive sessions make it a fun-learning experience for all. Although the course is directed towards a mature audience, the meditation audio and yoga videos are easy to follow by a person from any age.

The holistic approach towards health coupled with the right mix of mind-body relationships, can really alter the way you look at your age. Deepak Chopra has actually impressed critics and his fans alike with Ageless You course >. The mind bogging variety of reviews and users who have actually gained from the course shows the kind of knowledge and experience that is given through the course.


Timeless You Review What’s So Cool About It?
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