How to treat heartburn for the pregnants?


5 little simple steps to help treat heartburn for pregnant women!

Heartburn seemed a common disease during pregnancy, it not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also makes you lose appetite, even affects the fetus in the womb. So how to treat heartburn for the pregnant woman? What should they do to reduce these discomfort heartburn attacks? Just take 5 little simple steps to follow right here!

In some cases, women get the heartburn in the last months of their pregnancy. Back pain, be often in the toilet, itchy skin, fatigue, sweating, sleeping trouble, upset over her weight gain … are familiar troubles that when pregnant women must undergo. But besides that, the heartburn can also jointly reduce pregnancy joy of many people, especially in the center 3 months and last 3 months.

Sense of burning behind the chest occurs when the lower esophageal sphincters are dilated (these have the task of saving substances in the stomach), causing stomach acid reflux up to the esophagus. The pregnant women are prone to get the heartburn because of 2 reasons. First, the hormone relaxin during pregnancy increases highly during the pregnancy which will slow down the digestive process, meaning that the food in the stomach left more longly, causing more acid  secreted. Second, the baby growing in the womb weighed down on the stomach and the lower esophageal sphincter, which may increase acidity likely to be pushed up the esophagus.

The heartburn causes more or less annoyance, discomfort for the pregnants.

So what the pregnants should do to reduce the discomfort heartburn attacks? Take small steps to follow 5 simple right here:

1. Eat less and divide day-by-day meals

Eating more will create the heartburn. Maintaining a proper diet will help prevent the heartburn during pregnancy. Because when you eat more than necessarily will increase pressure on the stomach, causing the heartburn. Instead of three meals a day, changing into 6 small meals a day, each meal should eat just enough as you may. Your stomach will digest small meals easier.

However, you still must maintain a full range of nutrients in each meal for fetal well-developed.

2. Eliminating the stimulative foods

You should classify the foods which causing your heartburn episodes more intense and then remove them from the diet. Some kinds of foods often cause unpleasant heartburn including: acidic fruits such as citrus, tomatoes, apricots, or grilled dishes, spicy foods, chocolate, coffee, furniture carbonated beverages, wine… Let’s limit the types of food and drink when you’re pregnant.

3. Increasing the liquid foods

Liquid foods often move through the stomach more quickly so that are less obtrusive compared with solid foods. Soup, yogurt… are the appropriate choices. Besides, chewing food slowly and carefully to the solid foods become softer, easier to digest and is a good way to reduce the heartburn episodes.

4. Sleeping reasonably

To avoid bouts of the heartburn at night cause you wake up, at least 3 hours before going to bed, you should not eat food anymore whatsoever. Propping pillows a little higher than normal and lying onwards the left if you do not have that habit. Doing this will make acid more difficult coming from the stomach up the esophagus so that also avoid more bouts of heartburn.

5. Using calcium-containing antacids

If symptoms of the heartburn are so uncomfortable, affecting daily activities, you should go to your doctor for advice using calcium-containing antacids. However, you should not take too much medication because calcium can prevent your body from absorbing iron. Therefore, this kind of drug should not be taken in conjunction with vitamin supplements. To be best to take the medication as directed by your doctor.

The foregoing 5 little steps help mothers ways how to treat heartburn, ease its discomfort, no longer another bout of heartburn, enjoy the full pleasure of pregnancy.

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