What’s Right and Wrong With Forex Diamond EA User Review


Forex Diamond EA User Review – Does It Work For You?

Forex Diamond EA can be specified as an unusual combination of rapid trade execution, vibrant trading specification configurations, wise cash management and countertrend and trend strategies. It is a full trading system for any currency traders who want dependable performance, precision and speed. It has been designed to trade with 3 validated algorithms.


Algorithm 1

Forex Diamond EA uses its Trend– Retrace Signal Technique to systematically carry out lucrative trades. The algorithm patiently uses well vetted parameters to benefit from the marketplace trend while safeguarding a trader’s gains.

Algorithm 2

The system implements its countertrend strategy to observe the marketplace for any potential trend reversals. As soon as an opportunity has been discovered, Forex Diamond EA will dynamically change its trading criteria to ensure the earnings capacity of each trade has been maximized.

Algorithm 3

Its countertrend scalping approach leverages performed trades that are little spread with speed and accuracy. Forex Diamond’s trading system rapidly changes users trading specifications to match all markets consisting of the most unstable.

Item Information

Because the system can be setup to utilize all or among its trading techniques, a user can depend on its capability to rapidly adapt to any market conditions without requiring consistent optimization and tweaking. In the present day progressively busy currency market, a trader will need a detailed Forex trading system that can efficiently track market movements. The system should also set the right trading specifications with very little intervention and utilize the very best method. Recovery Aspect is utilized to measure an EA’s capability to earn more than it loses.

It is typically calculated by taking a trader’s pip internet earnings and afterwards dividing it by the trader’s pip drawdown. For example, if an EA earns a trader 10,000 pips and has a drawdown of 500 pips, then their EA’s recovery element would be 20; which is 10,000 divided by 500. This is why Forex Diamond’s has an exceptional recuperation factor of 40+. The developers had the ability to attain this high performance score by building-in ingenious algorithms and trading devices.

The 40+ recovery element will certainly imply that Forex Diamond earns 40 times more money than it loses. This makes it a market leading rating. The recovery aspect makes the difference in between having a windfall and earning average trading profits. When they are integrated, these innovations provide extraordinary performance that is literally unrivaled in the market.

The majority of the software readily available for trading deal with a single aspect of a trader’s trading technique. A fine example is expecting market reversal signals or trading little spread opportunities. The problem with a single technique method is that it lacks an overall approach that can be made use of to make the most of every technique. Forex Diamond does not have this issue as each of its trading devices has actually been lined up with a total trading approach. This indicates that every action will interact with the remarkable outcomes being delivered.

Product Functions

  • Earnings security system
  • High spread protection– High slippage protectionLess have to be optimized than other systems
  • Reasonable dynamically determined take revenue and stop loss levels
  • Amazing 40+ recuperation factor– High trading frequency Self-updating algorithmDynamic trading reasoning
  • 3 independent trading systems


There are a variety of benefits that traders can experience when they use Forex Diamond. They are:

  • Self upgrading: Forex Diamond is usually upgraded as market conditions are changing. So it will certainly assist a trader maximize their overall strategy as it is constantly working and up to date.
  • Earnings protection: It incorporates an unique trading logic, spread protection and high slippage defense to safeguard your revenues. Each of these features is sufficient to safeguard trading gains. When they are integrated, the trader receives triple security which guarantees their hard-won and pocket gains.
  • Spread protection: A positive spread trading opportunity in extremely unpredictable markets can evaporate in moments. Unless an EA can execute the trade right away, a great trading chance can be quickly turned to a loss. Forex Diamond EA does not require a trader’s intervention as it executes the trade after setting the best trading specifications. This ability will indicate a trader can secure the profits and capitalize on even the fastest spread opportunities.
  • High slippage protection: Profit is deteriorated by slippage. A faulty, EA’s that fail to perform and calculate trades swiftly, is among the reason for slippage. When there is high volatility trading sessions with price changes and quick market reversals, slippage occurs frequently. Forex Diamond has been enhanced to carry out trades at the right minute and rapidly with the effect of lowering the possibility of slippage with any trade.
  • Low optimization needed: Other EA’s requirement more optimization than Forex Diamond. Among the important things that traders hate is investing a great deal of time by hand enhancing their trading bot. there are many trading bots that require day-to-day handbook optimization. Forex Diamond takes care of itself by computing trading parameters that are based on the existing market conditions. It is likewise designed to require minimal optimization which enables the trader to spend more time earning and less time babysitting.
  • High frequency trading: Forex Diamond will strive to construct a trader’s account position. Its exclusive trading algorithms are capable of carrying out more than 1200 trades each year. The system excels at beneficially and steadily growing a trader’s account.
  • Quick aid desk support: A group of customer service professionals has actually been put together and prepares to respond to any concern an interested party might have about their software application. Their goal is to guarantee traders spend time trading rather of handling technical concerns. Although the consisted of guidelines are very easy to follow and the software application is easy to use, the aid desk is there to respond to any question a trader might have.
  • Ideal money management: It methodically tracks a trader’s open trading positions and closes each of them out at ideal earnings levels.


Presently, there has not been any disadvantage associated with this system.


If the system can carry out according to what the designers have actually stated, it is a system worth having. The fact that is has a 60– day refund assurance shows that the designers of the Forex Diamond have their faith placed on the software.


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